Friday, 17 May 2013


My Laundry Kafe

Dear lovely customers, we are now officially online. For those who still new about us, we are a self-service laundry including cafe. We also own a shop where u can visit us and get to know more about our FOOD.  The laundry was opened on March 2012 but unfortunately our LADY BOSS decide to transform it into a laundry to a cafe. The cafe are basically more to desert such as pisang goreng cheese, puding sagu gula melaka, puding karamel and more. Since we have light dessert, so we pop an idea where people can do their laundry while enjoying the food !

also under the same owner with "KAFE SUDU GARPU" which is more to western food and "KAFE IDAMAN" where it focuses on local food

our side income:
we are selling designers pefume, "PERFUMHOLICS" as well which is available at MY LAUNDRY KAFE. The perfumes from dubai, which is 90% alike(serupa) with the original ones. the different is only the lasting time which differentiates only 4 hours :)
Sample of the perfumes

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